The Swagga Returns

2015-07-12 11:01:40 by spacezoomer

As some of you may have guessed, I'm not very active on this site. Which is kind of ironic, as I have always wanted to animate for this site. But anyway.

A few years (!) ago, I said I announced that I was working on a music video of The Swagga by Gorillaz. Well, I gave up on that project, as I am wont to do with most of the things I start. I swear, I was going to start working on it again, (no I wasn't) But my hard drive failed. So I had to spend, like, $86 or $87 for a new one.

But the good news is, now that I have a new hard drive, I can restart all the projects I did not finish. From the beginning. And that includes The Swagga. I'm not making it as practical as I was planning on though. Originally, I cut out pieces of paper and scanned them into Toon Boom, that takes way too long. So, I'm gonna do everything digitally now.

And even better, I have gotten pretty darn far. It's actually little more than copying and pasting frames onto certain points in the song. So I should be done with it in no time. If life doesn't get in the way again.

But anyway, that was just a little blurb about what I have been doing. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go to my job. A feller's got to eat after all. Can't make cartoons on an empty stomach, don't you know.

Update 4

2015-01-11 13:39:47 by spacezoomer

Wow first update in almost two years. It's been my dream to make animations on Newgrounds for even longer than that and this is how I handle it? I'm a little disappointed in myself for that.

Oh well. It's a new year. That means new projects. First and foremost, is an animated segment for an indie documentary that's in production. I'm really excited for that. A real movie that's gonna be shown in theaters. And film festivals. How often does that happen?

Also, I'm in the midst of creating a 28 second hand drawn sequence that runs at 30 frames per second. And that's gonna be awesome. I've already completed one second of it. But I'm still working on it. I think it looks okay.

Post by Jack Kelley.

Anyway, stay tuned.

Update 3

2013-07-19 11:28:26 by spacezoomer

I did not get that big voice acting job. Phooey. But the good news is, I'm in the midst of a new animation. One of several. One is a traditionally animated film about an alien robot who comes to Earth to learn how to love. And another is about a human hosting a dinner party full of aliens.

Yeah, that's only two.

But I'm still working on some things. I'm also looking for a job. Because I can't make much money putting animations on the internet, can I? Unless you know a way. If so, please share it with me. I am in desperate need of income.

Update 2

2013-06-07 16:15:41 by spacezoomer

I have wonderful news. I have just auditioned for a voice acting job in my fair city of Houston. If all goes well, I could get the job, and break into the big time.

In other news, yesterday, I composed a rather noisy piece. You can find it here. I plan to set it to animation. I think it will work much better if you can see it rather than hear it. In addition, I have created a title sequence to accompany it.

Enclosed is said title sequence.

/* */
Have fun.


2013-05-30 17:49:58 by spacezoomer

Well more good news and more bad news. The good news is I have a lot of projects under my belt and I want to finish most, if not all of them. Among them, a rotoscoped version of a scene from the film The American Astronaut. I have been mighty busy as of late, and I think I am making great progress.

Of course, I did mention bad news. And that is that in putting all my energy toward projects like Starman and A Conversation With Robert, I have neglected some of my more anticipated projects, namely that music video for The Swagga. I am working on it as I type this, but BOY HOWDY. You totally would not believe how hard it is to sync music and visuals. I keep miscalculating. It's such a hassle. But for the sake of creativity, I will at least attempt to complete it. I owe it to my fans. All three of you.

But it will come out looking amazing. If you like minimalism. I do.

The Swagga

2013-03-10 14:36:15 by spacezoomer

Well, first the bad news. That Rotoscoped toku porn spoof I told you about in my last blog? (if you bothered to read it) Yeah, it didn't happen. It's probably for the best, though. It made me uncomfortable as hell just through the first 5 seconds of it. If you want to watch it (which I highly recommend against) just look for it on tube 8. Or better yet, don't.

Anyway, the good news is I'm starting a few new projects, among them a music video for the Gorillaz song "The Swagga". Yes, I am fully aware that there is already a video for that song, but I thought it was stupid. I can do better. And that's what you will see. Sometime later.

New Production.

2013-02-15 17:07:53 by spacezoomer

I am in the midst of creating my first pornographic animation. Rotoscoped, of course. From a live action Japanese tokusatsu porn spoof. It made me very uncomfortable, so I'll probably end up uploading itty bitty snippets, maybe 10 or 15 seconds each, until it's completely finished. The whole clip is about 35 or 36 minutes long, so expect to be waiting for quite a while. If you are indeed looking forward to it. I know I'm not.

Oh by the way, here's my animation reel. I hope you like it.